• Allacious Almont

    Allacious Almont

    "The body is a vessal, the soul a cobblestone. what is it you desire most in life, tell me and i will make it so."
  • Ceegul Umbermantle

    Ceegul Umbermantle

    "I have arrived at last dearest cousin. Fix me a bed and we shall see if I cannot find some way to pay you back for it."
  • Earwig Turtlebear pebbles

    Earwig Turtlebear pebbles

    "you may think it clever to jest, and it was funny at that. But I'm not quite sure you understand the gravity of what comes next..."
  • Icess HandleMaw

    Icess HandleMaw

    "Well! if you're not going to jump get the HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!!"
  • Muunta'be  Zi'eik

    Muunta'be Zi'eik

    "I am the blood of my people. Born to lead the strong to their rightful place at the foot on my altar"
  • Sythanruous Da' Lineglove

    Sythanruous Da' Lineglove

    "My god never deals in absolutes. If you don't like it maybe you should convert."
  • Torieg Paleblast

    Torieg Paleblast

    "Look into my eyes and tell me what you see."