On the first of Tan


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As his leathery hand strokes the spine, arcane runes give way to shifting character and a gentle melody that lingers on the edge of perception….

the water flows beneath the toes of children born of light
the silent tears of those who fear the coming of the night
the fabled path of Moguwrath begins beneath the grail
and those who blink and do not think become a fairytale
the first of tan in haste demands your children and your kin
less those who’ll be bested, in time who are tested, can get the best of him
with flame in hand his skin demand and call with what was taken
and muster strength of heart for now the sleeper has awaken…

words that once were bright as day soon shift again and fade away….

On the first of Tan

The Ebony Amber Lullaby gocrywolf01