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Welcome to the pathfinder library, a repository of basic knowledge regarding the pathfinder world.

The Library includes historical facts about Golarian as well as answers to frequently asked questions. The Library is also a direct representation of the circles knowledge gained during your adventures so expect useful information to be added to the library as it is acquired. The library is filled by your experiences, your success and failures may expose weaknesses in a particular monsters abilities, formulas for crafting special items, and much more. At anytime during the course of the game a player may choose to submit useful information to the Pathfinders council. The council is always looking for Signs of great change in Golarion. Particular useful information is marked with a “seal of urgency.” If the council find this information to be vital to their mission you can often aspect a reward for your trouble. Be careful not to overextend yourself with the council. If they find you are wandering aimlessly they will take it upon themselves to put your circle on the proper path. Three scrolls with urgent seals that are rejected by the council are bound to earn your circle an Audit and a summons to complete a particularly dangerous mission.



  • What is the Pathfinder society?

  • The Pathfinder society is a world wide organization of adventures. There are no major restriction to membership so the society make up is the most diverse in all the lands. The major purpose of the organization is to promote exploration of Golarions lost history. Pathfinders brave tombs, dungeons, towers, and even other planes of existence to find what was lost. but, they are not common thieves and grave robbers, though these sorts do make up some of their numbers. what the pathfinders find is chronicled and reported to the council. and though most keep what they find, others send treasures to powerful to be wielded to the Finders vault.

  • What is the finders vault
  • The vault is a thought to be many-things, a place, a creature that centuries over treasure, or a gate into another world. what is known is that the vault is impossible to find by any but the council and it exists somewhere in mighty Absolem.

  • Absolem
  • Absolem is the center of the world. the largest and longest lasting city state on Golarion. Absolem is the place where the star stone fell from the sky after the death of the god the city is named after. Absolem has never been concurred in war and is a nexus for not just denizens of Golarion, but for travelers from every plane of existence.

  • The Star stone
  • The star stone sits at the center of Absolem in a great temple maze to guard its awesome power. every day there are thousands of worshipers who prey before the temple walls for any who can master the maze and the stone is infused with the essence of Absolem becoming a walking god. every day many try and every day many die.

    Pathfinder FAQ

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